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Breaking down performance models.

September 17, 2015

Hurricane season is here and hopefully we’ll have a nice fall/winter filled with swells!  We’re gonna break down 2 of our performance shortboards The Vandal and The Reaper.


The Vandal is a board that is close to your normal standard shortboard.  However we added a little volume in the center and the front and moved the outline forward a bit.  This board was designed with feedback from team riders CJ Hobgood and Dave Spier. By adding the extra volume and moving the outline forward you have a board that paddles and catches waves easier than your standard shortboard would.  The bottom of the board has a deep single to double concave with extra vee off the tail.  This in addition to your traditional squash tail makes this one of our most responsive boards!  You can ride this board similar size to your normal shortboard or 1-2 inches shorter.

CJ Hobgood – Height 5’9 Weight -150

CJ’s Vandal Dimensions – 5’8  x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4


The Reaper is a performance board that features extra volume throughout the whole board.  This is a trend we’re seeing more and more of.  Let’s face it we don’t all surf perfect waves everyday, some of us aren’t at our fighting weight anymore, and some of us don’t want to work as hard as we use to.  How do we factor that into a board and still make it respond and perform like we want it to?  The Reaper is a hybrid that has a wider nose, wider and thicker center, and lower entry rocker.  With the wider nose and lower entry rocker it helps you paddle and get into waves early.  The bottom has a deep single concave to double with a slight vee off the tail.  This is a performance short board that is still very responsive, but is also meant to float and catch waves and have some fun! The Reaper can be ride 2-4 inches shorts than your normal shortboard.

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