About Us

aboutusbox4Quiet Flight was created out of a passion for surfing. The focus has been and always will be to manufacture and sell the highest quality surfing products. Our business was built on our commitment to achieve and maintain that reputation.

Jim and Ed Leasure started building surfboards in their garage in Cocoa Beach back in 1972. Rich Salick and Bob Carson gave them their first real job in the surf industry at Dick Catri’s Primo Surf Shop. At the Catri Factory they got to work with some of the best in the industry from Gary Proper, Fred Groskreutz, Richard Munson, Mike Tabling, Claude Codgen, Tommy Maus, Bill Finberg and Bill Eberwine to name a few.

In 1978 Ed and Jim opened their own factory building boards under the Salick logo as well as their own brand, Leasure Surfboards. A year later they took over the original Quiet Flight Surf Shop in south Cocoa Beach. Today Quiet Flight is one of the largest manufacturer’s of surfboards in the country.

The list of shapers that have come through this factory include Ed Leasure, Richard Munson, Matt Kechele, Rich Rudolph, Bill Johnson, Tom Neilson, Sean Slater, Joe Johnson, Joey Maus, and current shaper Bruce Ragan. Team riders throughout the years have included Matt Kechele, Bill Johnson, Rich Rudolph, a young Kelly and Sean Slater, Sharon Wolfe, Bryan Hewitson, Gabe Kling, Damien Hobgood, Asher Nolan, David Awbrey, Jody Davis, and current team rider CJ Hobgood.

Today Quiet Flight is working with CJ Hobgood and other team riders to build the most technologically advanced high performance surfboards that we have ever produced while maintaining our commitment to manufacturer the highest quality surfing equipment. Each board is still made by hand in our Cocoa Beach Factory.